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Cambridge English Exam

For us, learning English is about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. Another year of excellent results of Cambridge Assessment English exams have signaled quite clearly that our school has achieved a notable level of success. It is indeed a proud moment for the school as all our YLE, KET, PET and FCE students are awarded globally recognized Cambridge English Certificates. Cambridge Assessment English is conducted by the world-famous University, University of Cambridge which also sets IELTS test. These certificates help people gain entrance to university or colleges, improve job prospects or measure progress in English. Cambridge Assessment English exams are designed specifically for school-aged students, giving them regular milestones to keep them motivated. Each exam focuses on a level of the Common European Framework of Reference ( CEFR ), helping learners to improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills step by step. Cambridge English Qualifications are a mark of excellence, accepted and trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide. It also offers a seamless journey from Pre A1 Starters to C2 Proficiency. Each exam is carefully designed to consolidate the skills developed at the previous level and lay the foundations for future success.