Best ICSE Schools in Patiala

English Declamation Competition

To boost the confidence of students, Kaintal School organized an online English declamation competition. The competition was aimed at providing an open platform for students to express their views. Many students actively participated with enthusiasm in the event and presented their views on diverse topics. They displayed confidence, enthusiasm, and awareness while participating in the competition. Winners were selected based on their communication skills and confidence. The winners of the declamation competition are as follows:

From Class II-B, Jaiditya and Vihana from II-D grabbed the first position, Devanshi from II E stood second, and Gurnawaaz from II-C came third.

From Class III-A, Jasjot Kaur grabbed the first position, Tanseerat from III-C stood second, and Kanwarjeet from III-D and Pratyaksha from III-A came third.

From Class IV-B, Tanvi grabbed the first position, Avleen Kaur from IV-C and Anshika from IV-D stood second, and Loveleen from IV-A came third.

From Class V-A, Pranvi and Japjeet grabbed the first position, Jaismeet from V-B stood second, and Jenisha from V-B came third.