Patiala ICSE Schools

Fit India Movement – Part – 4 QUIZ

Kaintal school has been actively participating in the various ‘Fit India Movement’ programs organized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in collaboration with CISCE.

Our school joined the celebration of the 2nd edition of Fit India School Week in December 2020 to encourage students to adopt physical activities and sports in their day to day life.

An online Fit India Quiz containing multiple-choice questions based on fitness, health, indigenous games, and nutrition was also conducted. These questions were designed to motivate students to get fit by learning various matters related to health such as what kind of activities help in gaining fitness, what kind of diets help in remaining fit, and what kind of indigenous sports are played in our country. This activity aimed to engage, excite, and enable students to motivate them towards fitness and raise awareness about fitness through an interactive learning process.