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Summer Camp

“Let us step in a different world, displaying a spectacular carnival of activities”Children in the age group of seven to the teen years are in the moulding stage.

Right skills imparted now can help them shape their life and future. The key to success in these turbulent times is to adapt, change and embrace challenges that come our way. This has truly been the endeavour at Kaintal School. Amidst the myriad challenges posed by the current pandemic, when everyone is peering through the fog of uncertainty and trying to embrace this ‘new normal’, our Summer Camp took the digital route this year too from 7th July to 13th July 2021. The students participated in multifarious activities like Fun & Fitness, Dance, Spoken English, Art & Craft, Cooking, Personality Grooming and Music.The wide array of fun and creative activities were curated in a way that they not only kept the kids engaged and entertained but also helped them pick up a hobby or a skill that they have their interest in while increasing their concentration, eye–to–hand coordination and problem-solving capabilities at the same time.